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Apr. 26th, 2009



I know, SUCH an interesting subject, right?

Well yesterday I worked. It wasn't a long shift so I could handle it no problem. Near the end of it there were these two girls in line. I don't think they were dating, but one of them was definitely bi at least. She was pretty thin, dressed as a boy with boy hair and all. Absolutely ADORABLE. Well I rang them up, chatted with them for a few before they head out, and thought that would be that.

Well, the more tomboy-esque one came back in and very shyly asked me if I could turn $0.75 worth of nickels and dimes into 3 quarters. I'm ringing someone up so I go 'Oh don't worry about it hun, drawer should be open soon.' Sure enough, the customer pays with a credit card so the drawer doesn't open. I can't open the drawer without CSM approval, so I ring up the next customer and STILL they pay with a credit card.

I tell her I'm sorry, she says it's okay, and I lead her to the service desk where there's a register they can open whenever they need to. She was just so...shy and quiet, and cute about it. I can't help but get the feeling that she wanted to say something but got too nervous.

I really, REALLY wanted to talk to her more. I'm kicking myself for not asking her for her name at least. She's just makes me go 'awwwww'...

Right after I got off work Rachel and Amber drug me to this party going on the middle of nowhere. Tents are set up, and turns out we're camping out. This 'Adam' guy slinks over and sits next to me. Rachel tells me he's been asking about me all night, and I'm kind of excited to meet him. Don't worry guys, nothing happened, nothing went down, it was just nice to meet someone who was really respectful to me for a change. :]

Today I was just plain busy. Yard work and sleep deprivation. Yay.

Anyways, I hope I run into this girl sometime again. She was just ADOWABLE AND I WANT TO MEET HER!

Apr. 25th, 2009


Fursona Meme

1 – Do you and your "fursona" look alike?
Mostly, I think. I'm not AS curvy or wide-hipped as I draw Blinque to be, but it's what I would LIKE to look like. Also Blinque had purple hair, with green even for the longest time. I've NEVER had purple or green hair, but it's what I've always wanted. However, I plan on drawing her with my actual hair style, and possibly hair color, it's still up in the air. I like her to look like me, but at the same time she makes up my ideal self.

2 – Do you and your "fursona" share attires?
For the most part yes. :] I wear knee socks, tank tops, and men's pants/shorts quite often. When you see her with a studded or spiked collar though, that's a LIE. Unfortunately my spiked collar was damaged when I was walking home in the rain one day. Thought my hood would protect my neck, but sadly it did not. ;-; I'll have to get another one soon then.

3 – Do you share the same sexuality as your fursona?
Yes! Although sometimes I draw Blinque male, it's what I would have liked to be. I was/am going through this identity crisis. I've accepted the fact that I'm female, but it's still nice to think that in some small way I can be male too.

4 – If you hadn’t already made your fursona look like you, if you would to change how she looked like to make him/her look more like you, how would you think he/she would look like?
- A slight upgrade in pudge, hehe.

5 – Did you work hard to develop your fursona? What is the (brief) history of your fursona?
- Well, uhm... I love felines of all shapes/sizes, and I love dragons. It was only a matter of time before I put the two together. :3 First she had brown hair like me, but that was short lived since it looked awful and didn't match her color scheme. Then I made it purple. Recently I added green to her hair, but her hair might be changing soon anyways due to my haircut and recently dying it a reddish color. She's always had her rainbow plates, she's always been black and white. So over the years, Blinque hasn't changed a considerable amount. OH! I've added her piercings as I've gotten them in real life. I've considered making her tail short and stumpy, changing her fur, but I've never actually done it. I've just fallen for her as she is, it's how I see my ideal self and I don't think she's going to completely change any time soon.

6 – Do you and your fursona share relationship status?
- Normally yes. Even when I was dating a non-fur way back, I invented a fursona that suit him so I could draw the two together.

7 – Do you find yourself jealous or upset if you get paired with someone you don’t like or your partner does?
I don't quite understand the question. o.O Are we talking about art? Relationships?

8 – How would you like your character not to be used?
- Please don't draw porno of me if I haven't said it's okay. ;-; -Whines- Blinque raep is NEVER FUN.

9 – What’s your fursona’s specialty?
- Shitting and vomiting rainbows! Hell, I don't know. I draw her as I feel I should whenever I feel like it. I'd like to think of her as a partial shifter (since dragons in legend DO have the ability to assume different forms), which means she can take the form of a fish, but it's a black and white fish with rainbow markings.

10 – At a score of 1-10 how much are you and your fursona alike?
- I'd like to think an 8 or 9 out of 10. She's my ideal self. She has the clothes, piercings, and personality that I do. You can't get much closer than that. 83
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So I've been drawing here and there. Very little though, just to relax considering I've been busy almost on a daily basis. x_x

My #1 Goal right now: Simplify my style. (Create an alternate style I guess, I'll never lose track of how to draw like I've always drawn.) I don't want to be so...anime? I want to stick out, I guess is what I'm saying. I don't want my style to just blend in with everyone else's.

So I thought I should attempt something cute. DEAR GOD, I've never drawn myself so cute and...girly. >.>;

PS - She wants hugs. GIVES HUGS NAO PLZ! And oh yeah, my hair...made it more like my irl hair, but I don't know if it's a permanent change or not yet.

Beep Boop!

Thanks guys for your comments. I'm going to def have to look into some of those shows. And yes, Angry Beavers and Road Rovers were THE SHIT. As well as Swat Kats. I love them too. <3

ANYWAYS. I worked a 9 hour shift today. My feet are SOREASFUCK OHGODWHY. I work tomorrow til 10, but at least I get to sleep in. Sunday off, Monday I work early morning. x_x I just wish I had a consistent schedule, it'd make making plans a WHOLE LOT EASIER. XAVIER COME KIDNAP ME SOON PLZ?

I'm just going insane. I live in the middle of nowhere. You should all learn how to teleport and come visit meeee! 8D Need MOAR LOCAL FRIENDS. Hopefully Rach and I can hook up Sunday. We're supposed to discuss when we're getting our tattoos.

Yes, I'm getting a tattoo, but where? I was thinking my hip but I've heard that's particularly painful, at least for a first tattoo. So I dunno, any suggestions? It's going to be small, and circular shaped, but I'm not telling anybody what it is yet. x3 keke.

PS - JINU, OTTER, JORAN, SILLY 'NANA, AIMEEEEEEEE. Miss you guys, kay? -Grabby paws-

Apr. 23rd, 2009

Blinque-Chibi :D


So I'm just chattin' with Chinchy and discussing cartoons. I just got my paws on 'My Life As A Teenage Robot', considering it was one of my favorites. Sadly, it's been canceled since then, but at least they squeezed a third season out of it. I'm a fan of Avatar, but now that's over too. ;-;

Yes, I do love cartoons. I'm still a kid sometimes hehehe.

:D You guys watch any cartoons you'd like to recommend? I've seen nothing but mostly crap out there these days.

Waffles! And YIM.

Jinu made me waffles this morning. They were BLUBERRY. 8D

Anyways. Last night me n' Wil went on web cam and talked to a few of his friends. He introduced me to one of his friends that lives in Dakota I think? Anyways he's cool. Cute too! lol. I might get YIM. Anybody on here have it and would like to talk?

Yeah I know, I'm all over the place. I need caffeine. -Grabby paws at Full Throttle-

I have been TRYING to draw but not making much progress. I'm hoping to have my scanner back soon so I can finally update my FREAKING FA.

PS - When I say don't talk to me hun, that means texts too! Now shoo shoo!

Robin Hood

Maid Marian is hott. 8D End of story.

On another note, trying to draw more toony. Trying of drawing so anime-esque all the time. Any ideas/suggestions?

And Hollywood Undead's 'Everywhere I Go' has been stuck in my head the past few days. GO LISTEN TO IT NAOOOO! -Smack-

Apr. 22nd, 2009

Blinque-Chibi :x

Ecstacy by ATB

It's funny, just as I start typing this song starts playing on iTunes. Anyways, Ecstacy by ATB was Lawrence's and my song. For those of you who don't know me very well, Lawrence was my first serious boyfriend. He was true love for me, and I feel like ever since then I've been hungry to feel that way again. Sure, there would be times where I'd have that with somebody else for a short amount of time, but things quickly change and I realize that maybe I never truly loved as much as I loved him.

It's weird, actually. I haven't thought about him in a long time. I used to cry when I heard this song, now I just smirk and wish I could've done things differently back then. Maybe I'd still be happy today. But, you can't live in the past, just look to the future. My point of bringing him up, being that I've been having dreams about him lately. Almost on a nightly basis. They'll come out of nowhere too. And we'll just apologize and hook back up.

We ended on bad terms and we cut off communication with eachother. Some people have been saying that maybe I'm having these dreams because I just need to make amends. He really WAS an important part of my life, and I wish we could've stayed friends. He was THE most important part of my life for nearly 3 years, so I guess it's not too abnormal for me to think about him here and there.

But what I've come to realize is that now, I'm 'falling in love' left and right, every new relationship I feel like I could just spend the rest of my life with the person down the road. I expect to love again, like I did him, but things just don't work that way.

Am I ashamed to admit I rely more on being in a relationship than most people? Yes. But acceptance and admitting to a problem is the first step in fixing it, right?

I need to stop, slow down, and regain the self esteem I had way back when before I move on. How Lawrence made me feel, how many others made me feel, was like a drug I became addicted to. Do I regret loving those who I have loved? No. Do I regret not seeing things sooner? Of course I do. People make mistakes, and I am no different. It's just moving on now.

Anyways I'm taking this day off to go visit a few friends in Pittsburgh I haven't seen in a very, VERY long time. I need to clear my head. Friends are just perfect for that. <3

Apr. 20th, 2009

Xainy Icon

Get OUT of my life.

Really F*CKING Pissed. Be warned.Collapse )
Blinque-Chibi :x


-Crawls into her chair and collapses over the computer desk- Good GOD I'm tired. I had a long day at work, well, it felt much longer considering I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I worked an earlier shift, making things less busy and actually boring.

The power went out this morning so it inconvenienced me. But, meh, I got through it I guess. Just got kinda irritated since at this time it was dark outside, so there wasn't much lighting anywhere.

The second I got into the car my back started acting up again.

Oh well, I work tomorrow then have wed and thur off. I'm looking forward to this little break. I def need to rest my back though, I don't know if I should really plan on doing anything outside the house for the next few days. (Other than work, of course.)

On another note I ran into Goober from McDonalds at Walmart. He seemed pretty happy to see me. We joked back and forth like old times. :] I miss that boy, I really really do.

I'm hoping Wednesday me n' Nick can walk around downtown Slippery Rock like old times. Y'know, mooch off the dollar menu at McDonalds and check out some of the local shops. But not for too long, my back can't take it lol.

As far as life itself goes I've been thinking a lot lately. As to who my friends are, and who are the people I actually want in my life anymore? I've decided I'm probably not going to be going to a party I was invited too next month. The guy seems to be a bit of a pig and is most likely going to be expecting more from me than I'm willing to give. I'm also tired of being stressed out by the people that I FORCE myself to talk to. I've got a large handful of people here for me when I need them, they're plenty enough for me. I don't need any negativity, or extra baggage that's going to just weigh me down, right?

<3 Catch you later. :]

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